Armchairtifosi crosses the starting line

This is the post excerpt.

The tifosi are those crazy Italian fans who run alongside the riders on the steep climbs of the Giro, waving flags, screaming encouragement and (if they can get away with it) giving their heroes a sneaky push. The armchair is from where, thanks to Eurosport, I watch most of my cycling – too much, some would say – from the Tour Down Under through to the Gent 6.

This isn’t a site for up to the minute news and results or detailed statistical analysis. It’s more of a sideways look behind the headlines. Cycling is perhaps the prime example of a sport where it is not so much about the win, but how it is achieved –  and the rider who spends all day in a doomed lone break, only to be caught in the last few kilometres, may be remembered long after the winner has been forgotten.

Author: armchairtifosi

A lifelong fan of cycling and a keen, if slow and underachieving, cyclist. I grew up watching Eddy Merckx on World of Sport and still believe he was the best. It's not enough to win. you have to win in style, and preferably in plain black shorts and short white socks.

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